anyone have a good recommendations for performance shops in michigan. a good place to have motor work, suspension, or tuning. no bullsh*t :thumbsup: please,if you have had work completed and were satisified with it. would like to know thanks baddad420 :thumbsup:

I was happy with MCR besides thier boring personalities..they did my forks shocks and worked my head and cylinder over. nice work pretty quick too. talk to brady hes the man

The only work I have hired out was suspension.

Had it done by Brad Lowe of Lowe Racing. Excellent job. Kept it at a price I could afford and made my bike much more fun to ride.

i had tech care do my suspension last year and i liked it so i took it up there last saterday to get it redone for this season they do a good job :thumbsup:

thanks to all, for the help, will be checking back for anymore info.

There is a machine shop near Hastings, MI that does great work with engines. They can build race engines or repair others. To the best of my knowledge they work on all major brands.

T&R Machine Shop

2050 W. Dowling Rd


Just curious, what bike are you looking to massage? What type of riding do you do?

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