02 cr250 wheels fit 04 crf250??????

Are cr250 wheels interchangeable with the crf250??? Anyone know? Im looking at buying a set of excel wheels/talon hubs that were for a 02 cr250, and want to know if they'll bolt on my crf of if I'll have to buy the carriers....

Compared to the CR 250 light weight, nimble, racing machine 2-stroke, the CRF250 4-stroke,heavy as a tank, woods / trail bike is pretty much a USELESS piece of junk - so I would definitely have to say no... :thumbsup:

Why do you want to change out the stock anyway? After all - no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd... :thumbsup:


The front wheels are the same and outside of the wider rear tire on the CR250 the rear should bolt up too.

Those wouldnt be the same set of wheels i just bought off ebay would they? haha. Guy had em on his 02 CR250 and said that he wanted them on his 05 CRF250, but had to sell blah blah blah.

I looked up the part numbers for the hubs...

The front hubs w/ carries for the 02-05 cr250 and 04-06 CRF250 are the same!

The rear Hubs w/ carriers for the 02-05 CR250 and 04-06 CRF250 are the SAME!


00-01 CR250 rims will fit a 04-06 CRF250 too, BUT you have to use the 01 CR250 rear brake rotor.

Yes i did some research.... :thumbsup:

PS, MAX348..

&%$#@! is your deal? 04-06 CRF250's weigh less then a 00-06 CR250 2 stroke...

Unless this is some inside joke that i obviously know nothing about, haha.

Yeah, MAX348 is a friend of mine givin me a hard time....as far as the wheels on Ebay, you outbid me at the last minute, you prick :thumbsup: but I got another pair off Ebay today, for a little less $$$ Im stoked...and I made some calls today to make sure they would fit my 04 crf and its a go! :thumbsup:

Max runs Bultaco rollers don't sweat it :thumbsup:

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