You think sandhill will be open on wednesday?

I never been to sandhill so i dont know much rain that track can actually take before they close it. But im thinking about going on wednesday, how does that track take in water?

how good is the sandhill track my friends say its horrible but ive heard it's better now

I rode it Saturday. The track is great compared to what it was in the past. Not really any challenging stuff but it's an interesting layout.

The uphills are 450 was pulling the front tire off the ground all the way up the hills. Insane....

You should call Sandhill on Wednesday morning before you go. I doubt they will be open, and even if they were I wouldn't ride. It will be a sloppy mess. Don't let the name Sandhill make you think that the track is all sand. It is in certain areas, but not most of the track.

Sandhill's number: 925-240-6247

The only track around here worth riding after a rain is E-Street because it's a true sand track.

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