Best Place to buy a bike

I have just started getting into dirtbikes and now i would like to purchase one, but I don't really know where to find a good bike thats not too old for a good price. So I am asking if some one could lead me in the right direction in getting a bike.

where do you live?

I live in Al

I'm in NW Bama and I found mine on the thumpertalk classifieds... had to drive to arkansas to get it, but got it at a much better price than i found locally. I found it hard to deal with any of the dealers around me, and the ones I could deal with had nothing in stock.

there are good used bikes for sale all the time on this site and on ktmtalk. mostly well-cared for by intelligent riders. plus you can search on someone's past posts if they've been a member for a while and find out about the time they drove the bike off cliff into the ocean accidentally, or whatever other dumb thing happened, lol. can be useful. local classifieds can be useful. most shops have a bulletin board where you can post used bikes for sale. etc...


Try looking on Sometimes people dont take down the ads for their bike, but if you are willing to sift through a little garbage then check it out.

any where out of sate so you don't have to pay sales tax

I bought mine out of cycle trader. So far its turned out great for me!

But I do second the idea of looking on boards liek this one first... then you can kinda do an under the radar search to see what issues it has had.

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