Crack in float bowl

I have a small crack inside my Keihin FCR carb. Its above the drain screw. I guess I tightened the screw to tight. Am I the only idiot to do this?

Where can I buy the bowl? Any suggestions? Sudco wants $150.

I thought I would post, I dont want anyone else to do this. I'm so stupid!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Be aware that Sudco's likely does NOT have a leak jet, so your AP timing will be a beeotch to dial in. I'd double check with them before you pull the trigger. JD Jetting advertises a Float Bowl w/ Leak Jet for $60, so I'd give them a call before you do anything else. If you go OEM, you have to buy a whole new carb :thumbsup: ...SC

JB weld that son-of-a-bitch

JB weld that son-of-a-bitch

SC, thanks for the info.

I thought about JB weld but, would feel better with a new bowl.

thanks again

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