Best tires 94' DR350. So-Cal & Baja....

Searched this forum thoroughly and I'm getting the gist the dunlop 754 is the tire of choice for a 94 DR350? Is that mainly a street tire? This bike will be 90% dirt, going to San Felipe (Baja California) next week in the soft sand for 4 days... What would be the best tires (front and rear) for California riding and San Felipe sand and desert? My buddy just picked this up and needs to get the tire changed by Wed next week...

The bike has 1,600 miles on it and everything is stock.

Thanks for the input in advance... :thumbsup:

Maxxis IT is a good tire, but not DOT legal if you care about that. I ride the IT's on the street connecting trails here in San Diego and they are fine on the highway.

Dunlop 606 if DOT is a requirement.

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