Pricing.. how much did you pay out the door?

...05 WR450's for $6199 OTD. Wife said "NO WAY", too many toys now.

So when do you pick it up?


Just paid $6850 out the door in San Diego. They wouldn't go any lower.

Yea, it just depends on the dealer - CycleTrader used may be an option I suppose for some!

Just paid $6850 out the door in San Diego. They wouldn't go any lower.
I just saw only one used 06 WR 450 in Cycle Trader, but the rest were all new.

Yes, this is a price on a new bike, just a "leftover" from 05.

So when do you pick it up?


buying a new bike... very special

riding with my sons.... really fun

peace with my better half.... priceless

Just picked up a used 2005 wr450f with 70 miles on it for $5000. Looks brand new. Found it in cycle trader on line in S. Cal.. This guy had two of these bikes, same price. Might be one left. Check it out. :thumbsup:

Got my 06 For $6499 OTD at Roseville Yamaha. They would not go any lower.

I think everyone on this forum should state what their OTD price includes. For example, in Tennessee you are going to have to pay the sales tax at a dealership, but many will go out of state to buy to "save" the sales tax amount. TN has figured this out and now audits the sales of many border state businesses and the ones that advertise into TN. You then get hit with a tax bill plus interest depending on when the bike was bought. Another example is KY. From what I understand any vehicle that is strictly off road is not taxed. So when someone says 6800 OTD, in my area of TN I would figure they paid around $6200 for the actual bike. Which would be about $600 off MSRP(which sound like a fair deal to me).

I paid exactly 7,000 with tax, title, and licensing from North Hollywood Yamaha and Honda. They would not go any lower even though I left the dealership. They would not budge

At the end of February Hahms Motorsports advertised in the "Cycle Trader" magazine the 2006 WR450 for 6359.00 Out the door. I went right down and bought one at that price. They were easy to deal with. I have bought bikes from them before and have had a good experience each time as long as I have brought a good advertised price in with me for them to beat. Otherwise you will pay too much. Good luck.

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