clutch pull

so i have been reading over the clutch pull threads concerning the xr80s,

so which has worked out better, the cr85 perch and lever or the 3 position type lever.

I use a CR85 perch and lever, but probably a three position one will work better. Also, you can weld an extension on the end of the lever on the clutch arm down below. For a little kid or a girl I would go with a 3 position, for an older kid or adult the cr85 one works fine.

well you may be able to weld an extension :thumbsup: , no i may look into that

i think i will go with the 3 hole model, i tried the one from msr, but i couldnt get it to work properly, i am going to order the one mentioned on this forum it think it cost 20$. i havent bounght a manual for this bike yet but what wt and how much fork oil does this bike take (xr80)

moose makes a goofy little leverage advantage piece that goes between the clutch pearch and the cable. when i first saw the thing ithought it was pretty weak, but it works. You need to lube it every once in a wile. With that and keeping the cable lubed with one of those little oiler rigs the clutch pull is way easier than it was when the bike was new. plus it takes five minutes to instal and it was cheap.

Are the XR80 and XR100 the same perch / lever? I would think so.

I need to do something about my daughter's 100 clutch - very stiff.


My wifes 100 clutch pull has always amazed me. Twice the pull of my 400, so I got one of the CR perches and it helped a little bit, but not that much

thanks for the product info on the moose clutch thing, sounds like a good way to go since it works.

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