Baby girls B'day gift

Thought this turned out pretty cool, so I wanted to share. My daughters 6th birthday is this weekend. She's ready for a 2 wheeler (finally) :thumbsup: We drug my sons old XR50 out of the back of the garage and made her a "new" bike.



Its amazing what new plastics, graphics & a seat cover will do. Can't wait till she see's it.

I am sure she will be happy with it.

just get an 88cc big bore which is faster than a 70

It looks great! she'll be as proud as you every time it rolls out of the truck.

:thumbsup::bonk:YOUR A GOOD DAD :thumbsup:

Those are some pretty sweet graphics.

dang!!!! both of those bikes are sweet!!! WAY TO GO!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Thanks for the props guys. Now comes the challenge of teaching her to ride. She's afraid to scratch her "pretty new bike" :thumbsup:

But she's happy to pose for pic's:


awesome , i hope that when i have kids ( in the next few years i'm sure) I will hopefully be finacially stable enough to give them toys like that, or at least pass down my fiddy or whatever

you are giving her not only one of the coolest gifts ever, but an experience of a lifetime that will be implanted in her memory for life ...way to go dad!

ever taken it of any sweet jumps?

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