suppertrap ids 2 ???? leak????

i just got a suppertrap ids 2 for my 97 xr 400 . ivr instaled it im running stock jetting , the suppertrap is leaking from the clamp where the muffler meets the mid pipe anyone had this prob ?? and by the way what is the retanier pin that u have to drill a hole for ?? is it needed? thanks for any help :thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk: oh yeah do i have to use the spark arst. disk if i dont will this cas any probs with the bike?

On my 2000 XR250 I don't have any type of seal of any sort on the area where the header meets the exhaust all I have is a clamp. If your leaking at that joint and you've tightened the clamp sufficiently I would take it off and use a Hi-temp silicone or sealent to seal the area. I personally have no problems with mine. I'm not sure about the pin.

Hope this helps.

i used RTV red high temp silicone as a precaution when installed probs :thumbsup:

i would further tighten the clamp to see whether that helps...if not...any high temp silicone will be able to seal that leak for you :thumbsup:

I bought "chamber seal" today for this exact cause I have a IDS on my 400 and it leaks slighty where yours does, I am going to put this on my 300ex as well, the pipe is leaking in the same spot, Ill let you know how it works.

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