2 stroke jumping???

hey just got the kx100 and ive never jumped a two stroke before. i understand that the power band can mess me up if i hit it at the wrong time so i was just wondering how fast or when i am supose to hit the jump?? in the power band or hit the power band at the tip of the jump??? any info is ver y appreciated

People can correct me if I am wrong but I think you would hit the jump while you are in the powerband so then you would have the most power coming off of the jump.

No, you let off the throttle before you leave the face of the jump or you'll loop out. Just accelerate until you're fron wheel is on the face of the jump then let off the throttle.

Engine braking is the only difference between jumping a two stroke and a four stroke. With a four you can't let off on the face or you will go nose first due to the engine braking, with a two you hit the jump faster and let off right before hitting the lip and go off with a steady smooth throttle.

Every jump has it's own unique characteristics, but engine braking is what the difference is. Everything else is the same.

ok but do i give it no gas to hold it steady at a lower rpm?

Depends on the jump. When you let off the gas on a two stroke it doesn't slow down much, not like a 4 stroke does. Some jumps will be wide open pinned where others will take some finesse. If your used to jumping a 4 stroke, just think about how much the bike slows down when you let off the gas, that's the engine braking I was talking about. A two stroke doesn't have that so if you need the front end to be down more you will have to let off the gas earlier.

The only difference in jumping is the slowdown from engine braking, nothing else changes and will depend on the jump.

Yeah, there really is not difference. It all depends on the jump. The only difference there is that a few else have said is the engine braking on a 4-stroke will cause your front end to drop if you don't gas it all the way off the jump.

As far as the power band effecting you, just get used to the bike's power before hitting any big jumps. This way you'll know when the powerband will be kicking in. :thumbsup:

On my 250 there are some jumps that I am holding the bike full throttle in 4th gear and others that I just blip the throttle at the top in 2nd. It all just depends on the jump.

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