Dr Mark. I boke my fingers

I broke three bones in my left hand Jan29 of this year. The bone behind my pinky knuckel, the one beside that one but on my ring finger, and my index finger behind the middle knuckle. My pinky and ring finger seem to doing ok. I still can't make a fist but i think it will get better over time. It's my index finger that i'm most worried about. The front and rear knuckles seem to be ok, but the middle one is very stiff. By stiff i mean that there is not a chance that i can get it straight, nor can i get it to bend in like when you make a fist. The middle knuckle only has about 20-30% of the articulation it had before i broke it. Is this going to be permanent or will it gradually come back with exersize. There weren't any pins put in it. The plastic surgeon said it was stable so he froze it and moved it back into the best position that he could. He did say though that it would never be the same. The physio guy said that what happens is that the tendonds can get caught on the scar tissue where the bone has healed and that this is what leads to the decrease in articulation.

Theres quite a bit of swelling still on the top of my hand and i know there is still quite a bit of healing left to do as it has only been 4 weeks. My index finger though doesn't seem like it will ever be the same

Just wanted to know what your opinion was and any options open to me if there are any. I rode motorycles since i was 12 and never broke a bone.Now this.

thanks for any input


you need to continue on the physiotherapy. Send me a picture of your hand with the fingers as straight as they get, and another one with you hand in the tightest fist you can make.

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