yzf plastics

i've got a '00 WR400 and want the yzf rear fender.Will the '98-'99 YZF 400 or '00-'02 YZF 426 fit (better)? thanx for any help. :thumbsup:

I just put a 98 YZ rear fender on my 02 wr426. I actually fit right around the coolant reservoir without trimming it. I believe 98-02 are same rear fenders. As a side note, the radiator shrouds changed within those years though.

What is different about the shrouds and what year do they switch?

On the 99 yz400, the bottom bolt on the shroud goes straight in (this is with the black radiators). On the 02 wr426 the bolt goes in at a 45 degree angle (with the silver radiators). Its like the flange that the shroud bolts to is different. Not sure what year it changed, but I know my 99 yz400 plastics don't mount to my 02 wr426. I always thought they were the same until I tried it.

Ah ok that make sense. I think the change would have been in 2000 then. I'm pretty sure that the WR400 (02) has the silver radiators. Thanks for pointing that out!

either one should fit just fine...

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