06 R exhaust on an X?

I was wondering if anyone has put on or seen a crf 250x with an 06 250r exhaust on it?

Hit_the_set has done it, I am sure there are pictures somewhere here of it.

I don't mean in photoshop. I meant real life.

thats the closest you wil get to finding one. remember you will have to hhave changed probably sub frame, airbox, side plates and then buy a dualie.

How do you like me now!


I'm going to sell my new dual exaust system for about a bazillion dollars. Give me a call at 1-800-Dual-now.

That looks awsome!!! Is that real? Looks like Photoshop to me.

It's not photoshop it was done with Gimp2.2 It's like photoshop but free and legal.

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