Is anyone using a 15 tooth front sprocket?

I have a 04 250f that I need to get some more top end out of it. How big can I go? Thanks for any help, Dan

I don't know about the 15--I think it is too big. A friend of mine toyed with a 14 for a spell. He made a custom chain guide to allow for a larger rear sprocket and went as large as a 56. He never did settle in on anything pleased him everywhere on his track and sold the bike. I think for him he found a 14/52 to work about the best and his track was pretty fast--no 1st gear and hardly any 2nd gear stuff. Stock WR is 13/52, but the WR also has different 4th and 5th gears I believe.

15 teeth sprocket collides with the swingarm even without chainguide. 14 will fit. My opinion is that Stock rocks. I have a 13/48 and think about changing it back to stock.

I just went to a 14 on mine and love it. I was runnig into a problem at the track where 3rd was too wound out and 4th was too week. Now, when I go back to trail riding, i will put the 13 back on for the 1st gear hill climbs.

i have a 14 and i'm having problems with my case saver. i'll grind it down soon. using a DID ERT gold 520 chain.

I have used a Talon 15 tooth on my 2002 WR250F mainly for riding on the road with street tires. The swing arm chain slider had to be grinded a bit for clearence. The aluminum case saver only needed minor filing to elongate the holes a little. Fit the sprocket before the case saver.

Actually rode a bit on tractor tracks in the forest like this too. Street tires in wet forest is slippery, dry is not so bad.

The gearing difference between 13 and 15 tooth is about half of the difference between 1st and second gear.

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