New Bike

Well after lurking around on this site I decided to get a 2006 DRZ400S in blue. Before I pick it up they are changing the tire to Trackmaster II's. I also got a moose skid plate as well as a rack for the back. Next mods are going to be a kick start kit and bark busters.

congrats on new bike!!!!!!

You made a wise choice I have the same bike and love it. :thumbsup:

Good Call :thumbsup:

I just got the same bike last week, I'm lovin it :thumbsup:

Which rack did you go with ?

Get some Rad Gaurds, I'm ordering mine tomorrow.


I just got the factory rack. When I go pick it up from the shop I may order the rad guards. I really want to get a kick start kit and will look on here for help for that. I'm thinking the more I get now the better off. I'll just add it to the loan. The bike cost $5,7?? somehting out the door not including the accessories. This is my 3rd toy personnally I bought from the dealer. We at my house have 5 ATV's at the time. I'm am hoping to get rid of one of my older ones.

nice choice on the bike! don't forget the case savers! :thumbsup:

Well I picked it up today from the shop. Now I need the weather to cooperate so I can go riding.

Mods on the way (purchased but did not arrive)

Kenda Trackmaster II (on bike already)

Moose Skid Plate

Devol Rad Guards and Braces

CFC Case Guards and Fork Guards (ordered from Ebay)

Mods to be purchased soon

12V accessory outlet

Ram Mounts for Magellan Sportrak GPS

Kick Start Kit (waiting for more input on that)

I think tha is it for now. Maybe some bark busters soon.

Any Ideas?

Don't forget armor for yourself too. These bikes are tougher than we are.

Good move on the tires. The stockers are good on the road but useless off. You'll love the bike. The options on cutomizing it to your needs are endless. It can do everything from adventure touring to hardcore off-road. And then there's always supermoto. Many bikes are better for a specific purpose but there's really nothing that can "do it all" the way the DRZ can.

Go for the barkbusters. They protect you and the levers both. Not a bad deal. Then you've got the basics covered. After that just pick a direction and go.

Another thing to add to your list is change out the stock bars, dosen't help to have bark busters if your bars won't take the shot.

nice choice on the bike! don't forget the case savers! :thumbsup:

Congrat's on the new bike! But heed the post above, The case savers are maybe the most important thing to get.... SOONEST!!!


congrats on the new ride... :bonk: and as for the weather?!.... :thumbsup: that's what the knobbies are for...... :thumbsup:

Its so good to see that people are so stoked about their new 06 Drz's. I have my 2001 Drz S model with over 12,000 miles on it. And I love it. Sure it doesnt have the suspension of the new race bikes, or even the horsepower. But I aint racing anyway. I ride trails and street. Got full knobbies cause when I hit the dirt, I wanna have fun and not fall over.

The bike starts every time and goes anywhere. Congrats on the new bike. I hope u like it as much as I have enjoyed mine.

Murdock..get the dynojet kit..

and dont even RIDE it offroad untill those case savers are on it.

Rad guards are a MUST.

If you dont want to spend a fortune on levers and perches, get some bark busters of some kind. I have the emgo ones, they are cheap and so-far have held up very well. Come in a bunch of colours.

As for kicker will work for sure, on any drz. Adds a couple lbs but i'd rather pick up that weight than walk 100 miles back to wherever i came from cuz battery died :thumbsup:

Congrats on new bike!

Welcome to the club!

As for kicker will work for sure, on any drz. Adds a couple lbs but i'd rather pick up that weight than walk 100 miles back to wherever i came from cuz battery died QUOTE]

Get yourself a Battery Tender Plus if you don't already have one. It's easiler to install than than a kick-start kick, cheaper too. A well maintained battery will last years and never leave you stranded.

See - and

Have fun,

I'm with Magile (battery tenders are a must), I think a Kicker kit is a good idea.

it adds about 4 pounds to the bike, but when you need it, it will save your butt. If you go on a long trip and don't have access to 110V for your battery tender, then you're stuck hooking up jumper cables or trying to bump start.

Installation isn't too bad, there is plenty of support on this forum if you search, and even for a rank amatuer (me) it only took 3-4 hours.

Another thing you might consider, is gearing it down with a different sprocket, S models tend to be geared a little high for trail riding, and you might have a hard time on anything really technical.

Enjoy your new ride..

just curious how mutch did it go OTD for?

Sounds like you got all the armor for your bike. I too was thinking about a kickstart when I first got my bike. My motivation was weight savings, but I haven't made the purchase yet. I'm on the fence now because I've pretty much become accustomed to the weight.........and getting the thing started in a hurry has proven in-valuable many times. Can't say I've ever had a problem bump starting the thing so I'm not sure about needing a backup starter either. Biggest regret I have when I got my new bike was not breaking it in properly. Do a search here and make up your own mind. I'm doing the "ride it like you stole it" method next time.

Good luck, good choice of tires. I love my trackmasters!! And my drz!

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