04 250f Desert Converison

Hey...Does anyone have suggestions on wat to put on my 04 250f to turn it into a decent desert bike ...i have a budget of about $40 everytime I see my dad(2-3 times a month) and $50 every 2 weeks from my sister...can u list the parts in order from most important on....I had some bad luck wit a ? like this last time so lets hope this one is better.... :thumbsup:

Do some saving mate, you are going to need stuff like suspension, bigger fuel tank, taller gearing for starters.

YZ or WR?

If a WR, then a good set of desert tires (756 front, Maxxis IT or Desert IT rear), an IMS or Acerbis 3 gallon tank, and a good tool/first aid kit are what you need for the basics.

Tires will run you about $100 for the pair, tank is $200, field kit can be $50 to $300 depending on what you put in it (how self-contained you want to be).

From there, exhaust... if it's a YZ you'll need a spark arrestor and silent insert (or a good free-flowing 96db pipe with sparky).

Gearing on the WR is excellent for the dez as-is.

its a yz..i already have suspension

oo i also have the t4 wit a sparkarrestor

Well just buy a bigger fuel tank and ride on!

do u guys know of any good ones because i knows theres alot

but sum of them dont look that great like the ones that go over ur bars i wanna get on that still fits plush wit the seat but drops down into the frame i dont know if im explaining it that great but o well :thumbsup:

I know what you mean, you would like the look of the IMS tanks.

I am in the same situation as you but the IMS tanks are not very good and seem to have lots of problems.

The Acerbis tanks seem to be the best available, no problems at all from all the researching I have done.

Here is some pics of both that I have found:

Acerbis tank: http://photobucket.com/albums/f165/pops56/?action=view&current=100_6093.jpg

IMS tank:


I would strongly recommend you do your research on the IMS tank before getting one.

Zip Ty Racing's tank holds the fuel the lowest...check it out on their website.

Other must haves for the desert, at least in C, are a good skid plate and radiator guards if you don't already have 'em. Those came right after the big tank on my priority list.

If you got about $40 to spend I would say get yourself the gearing first and heavy duty tubes. Reason I say this is because i was out at the desert this weekend and put a hole in the case of my wr450. That left me with my 250f to ride on the rest of the weekend. i had no problems with gas doing 55-65 mile loops. The only thing I had a problem with was not having enough gearing. I don't like to hold the thing wide open all the way down a wash to keep up with everyone else. So I had to eat all the dust in the open washes. I only have light duty tubes in it and I was real careful of what I was running over.

I have the IMS tank on my WR and it seems to have held up pretty well with no problems but I would tell every to go and buy one. Some things on the design of it worry me. It fits great on my 250f. I know this because I just finished putting it on because now I have to use that for pre running this weekend. The only thing I am doing to that bike is gearing it for this weekend. Only reason I put the tank on is because I have 100 miles between gas stops. Hope this helps.

yeah the ims tank is the one i was thinking of..thanks bro...shud i go down a tooth in the rear for more speed or go down one and get more torque?? :thumbsup:

Ride it first and find out what you have to do.

Gearing might be perfect for you.

The Zip-Ty tank is made for them by IMS. There used to be a slight difference in how the fuel was carried, but that has been changed and for the '05 models, they are the same.

Thus, buy from whoever has them in stock... prices are all comparable. When I bought mine, RockyMountain had them in stock. Neither ZipTy nor the TT Store could give me a firm ship date, citing backorders.

I ordered one in natural, and a blue one for my buddy. Two days later, Rockymountain showed no stock :thumbsup:


You can see there how it looks on the header side... ya, it's close and we wrapped out headers.

The other side is even lower, actually making it a bit of a pain to add oil.

I was concerned about the inability to actually USE all of the extra fuel, so I drained the tank by disconnecting the line at the carb.

Sure as shit, the right side stopped draining when it reached the level of the highest point of the crossover line (which loops up and over the intake manifold just under the top engine mount), and the left side stopped when it reached the level of the bowl inlet fitting.

The right side not draining is not that big of a deal, as it's easy to lay the bike over to dump it into the left side, but it appears that the bottom 3" of fuel in the left side is completely wasted unless someone can figure out how to add a fuel pump to the system.

Other must haves for the desert, at least in C, are a good skid plate and radiator guards if you don't already have 'em. Those came right after the big tank on my priority list.

Ditto... see my garage for photos of the Flatland radiator guards and Utahsport skidplates.

For the Ca dez, the basic MX style glide plates won't cut it... I'm ALWAYS hearing rocks impact that plate... less than 1000 trail miles and I probably would have lost the water pump or ignition cover by the time I hit 400 without it.

Ride it first and find out what you have to do.

Gearing might be perfect for you.

Ya, the problem with the YZ for the dez is that it lacks the wide ratio trans of the WR. 2nd is the same. 4th on the WR is the same as 5th on the YZ, so there's really nothing that you can do with the secondary without hurting your hill-climbing ability... 1st is already higher than the WR.


Primary reduction ratio 57/17 (3.353)

Secondary reduction ratio 52/13 (4.000)

1st 31/13 (2.385)

2nd 28/16 (1.750)

3rd 28/21 (1.333)

4th 25/24 (1.042)

5th 22/27 (0.815)


Primary reduction ratio 57/17 (3.353)

Secondary reduction ratio 48/13 (3.692)

1st 30/14 (2.143)

2nd 28/16 (1.750)

3rd 29/20 (1.450)

4th 27/22 (1.227)

5th 25/24 (1.042)

That jump from 2.385 to 1.750 is pretty noticeable on the WR. Since I really don't need the 85mph top speed in 5th, I am seriously considering dropping a tooth in the front. I'll still have a big jump from 1st to 2nd, but 2nd will be more usable in a wider speed range. This may be even more of an issue now that I am going to a 110/100-18 rear tire. I really wish Maxxis made the Desert-IT in a 100/100-18 but they don't.

You've got a tough job ahead of you. It's a lot easier to make the WR an awesome dez weapon by doing the YZ engine mods and exhaust. The YZ takes a little more. Like Birdy suggested, I think the order of mods should be 1 - Rad guards, 2 - Skid plate, 3 - Desert tank, 4 - 18" rear wheel (with HD tubes in both).

Oh... and if you're still running the stock 739 front tire, get rid of it before you hit some sand and hurt yourself... THAT mod should be #1 :thumbsup:

Why did I suggest the 18" rear wheel? Same reason that Yamaha put them on the WR. A 100/90-19 and 100/100-18 are the same diameter, so they both fit the swingarm the same, but the 100/100-18 has 10mm more sidewall (about the length of your pinky fingernail) which helps prevent pinch flats, and also takes some of the "hit" out of rocks.... it basically adds a little to your suspension.

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