Rekluse Clutch Cable Question

With all the talk around this web page about the Rekluse clutch I've been looking into getting one. While checking the price at the TT Store I noticed that the stock clutch cable on the '05 WR 450 will not work the Rekluse and that a cable from Motion Pro must also be purchased. What is it about the stock clutch cable that won't work with the Rekluse? Anybody know the part number for the Motion Pro cable?

You can't buy it from Motion Pro, I tried. You need to go through Rekluse or the TT store. There's something about the way it hooks into the perch and lever and the length is not right either. It's $40 regardless of where you get it, but you need it, so there isn't much of a choice...SC

I am running my stock cable, the new cable is longer and has a smaller end cap. Free play is the issue so I changed the cable adjuster on the lever bracket to make it. Also the cable must be loose to move under the tank, not wire tied down or it affects the clutch. The instructions cover the cable mods. I like the lever to disengage the clutch to get rid of any drag for starting.

We just put the new longer cable on 'Big Davey's' bike last night. Now as soon as his suspension is done, we can test it out to see if it makes a big difference. He also checked his gaps to make sure they were still in spec and got the Rekluse clutch cover on too. Boy does that look sweet. We will report after a ride.

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