Suspension Question

With 1993 CR 80 forks on my XR100, is it better to use the stock 17 inch wheel or should I spoke up a 19 inch? Also, how will this effect the amount I need to shorten the forks. The bike gets ridden in the woods more than anything else. It seems like the bigger wheel would role over more trail junk, but another inch of travel is a lot when you only have 5 inches. As well, how much should I shorten the fork given each wheel size? The bike has a bbr swing arm and Works Schock.

Also, the aussie lift looks interesting; how much more rear suspension does that make and what does it do to the seat hight?? I would like it if I could shorten the fork so that it would work with the aussie lift later and maybe raise the tubes in the triple clamps? The bike really belongs to my wife who is only five feet tall. She trail rides it really well and races it in the beginners women's hare scrambles.

Last, but not least, what's up with the SoCal XR's site? It's great but never seems to get updated.

I can anwser the SoCal Xr's question.

There's just nothing to update. The person who was suppose to help me write some testing articles is a flake and there's just not a whole lot new going on. We have a 10 acre track that the funnest track in the world and tons of trail riding behind that.

And basically, I'm kinda tapped on whet to write about.

Any ideas???? :thumbsup:

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