2 stroke newbie with ques.

hi im new to owning 2 strokes (i have ridin them before but never had to mix gas or anything other than ride) and im planing on getting a 87 cr500 that i want to rebuild for a little more experience. heres the ad let me know what you guys think. there wasnt a pic im waitin for him to send them. as soon as i get it ill try to post it :thumbsup:

HONDA CR 500 1987

GC, runs gd, new tires incl, no 5th gear, must sell, $900 ***** *****, NY (***) ***-****

its only $900 so its a good deal i think. but since im new i have no clue about fuel ratios break in tecnequics spark plug stuff every thing so if someone can help that would be great. i live in dutchess county which is in lower new york (if it helps) ill need to know the very basics and the more important detail stuff. im going to completely rebuild the engine first so any tips would help. thanks alot i appreciate it. and please excuse my bad spelling

Whats he mean by no 5th gear?? (blown tranny??)

for fuel ratios look in the manual, i mix at 32:1, i just have a measuring cup and add the right amount of oil to the empty jerry can fill it 1/3 shake it then fill the rest up and shake again (easy)

Dont buy that bike. Get something newer and smaller that isnt broken.

I would never buy a bike with no fifth gear, that thing is going downhill fast. Also If you're getting a 500 I would go with a KX, no offense to the CR forum but the kx was a lot more advanced. You can get a decent deal, something thats not broken for $900.

Double the $900.00 and get something decent. No fifth gear might end up costing you a lot more then doubling the $900.00...

if your only experience is on that 200, if you got that monster running it will kill ya. not to mention the grand or better it will cost to fix :thumbsup:

I agree with not buying a 500 unless you have years of experience on a 250 2stroke that is, you will get seriously injured.

Double the $900.00 and get something decent. No fifth gear might end up costing you a lot more then doubling the $900.00...

i wouldnt get that bike... i agree totally with the doubling of the 900$ or if you want you could put a little more and get a pretty nice bike with the money... :thumbsup:

The CR500 is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the KX500.

im looking at this 500 because it needs fixing and i like doing it. im not sure how much itll cost to fix but i can probably buy a parts bike. what he means by no 5th gear is that the tranny is blown but 1-4 works. sometime in the future i will build a cr500af becasue i do weld. i have owned a klr300 and a drz 400 so i have no prob handleing the 500 and i also rode a friends and i love it. i also need the experience of rebuiding a 2 stroke because i have never owned one only 4s. thanks for all your help

If your coming from a xr200 and 500 is way to big of a step up i would looks at a 250 at the most..

once again im not realy coming off of it ive only had it for like a year at the most before this i had a 98 drz400 that i owned since 2000 and i just recently rode my friends cr500 for the whole day and did every thing i normaly do tight stuff and then wide open and i love i and i can handle it just fine

Just so you know, the 80's CR500s are nothing like the later 500s. The 89+ CR500s are considered 'tame' in comparison to the previous bikes. The 86 CR500 was faster than Honda's VFR500 street bike.

Forgetting all that, you're buying someone's 20 y/o headache. $900 is a ripoff for a bike that doesnt even have an intact tranny.

btw...there was no DRZ400 in 98. The 400 replaced the DR350 in 2000.

thanks for the help on the engine xr250rdr. im mainly going to buy it to learn how to rebulid a 2 stroke engine. i will then later make a cr500af or a trx500 atv maybe even stick it in a croch rocket fram e or shifter cart i just want it for the engine.

also i did have a dr350 but the owner bored it out to a 400 with a wiesco piston so i call it a drz400 so people know i have a 400 not 350 and might make them think i have the real deal drz400 opps sorry i didnt mention it i even went as far as puting the 2000 400 graphics when i got it in june 2000 fooled all my friends guess not any TTers

also why was it so hard hitting was it the tranny or somethin diff because im going to replace it any way

The engine was just tuned like that. Honda finally realized softening the hit led to faster lap times.

The tranny hasnt changed too much over the years.

You really are better off getting a later bike, especially if you're planning an AF conversion. The early motors cause some headaches when doing the conversion.

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