Aftermarket exhaust for 06 400 EXC

Anyone have a recommendation for a better pipe than the stock pipe? I am looking for more low end torque and improved performance throughout the power band. The stock pipe seems a bit backed up. Also, should I replace the header and the pipe or just the pipe. I have been told that the KTM stock header is pretty good as is. Any recommendations from those who have changed out the pipe on their 400 EXC would be appreciated. Thanks.

The muffler is not as bad as you might think. This is not a plugged up Jap bike and once you remove the end cap on the muffler you will see.

I removed the end cap on mine and cranked the bike up and it was louder then the open Yoshi pipe on my other bike.

Any muffler with more performance will be louder. It's your choice but we all need to be aware of the noise issue if we ride trails.

Check out the March issue of Dirt Bike mag. The did a 450 test and included the 400.


The also tested the "Q" muffler and the "496"

Minimal performance gain.

i would like more info i am looking into headers and muflers like the powerbomb on my 06 450 exc with a q

HT Racing makes some great stuff. I have there torx header on order, should be here this week.

for more torque you should look into the HT racing head pipe and torque vane.

you can keep the stock muffle, they are very good, and quiet.

or you can get the 453 kit :thumbsup:

Keep the pipe and get the 540 kit.

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