Landing rear wheel first?

Whenever I land rear wheel first the front end slaps down and is really hard. Is there some way to prevent this? Normally I try to land front wheel just before the rear and I get the smoothest landing possible but that doesn't always happen.

I think that the only way to prevent it is to be able to move the bike in the air to where you want it to go. I use to have that problem but once you try and get a feel for your bike in the air and then try to move it and then stop when you want to. Hopefully that is what you are asking.

What kind of jump and landing? If it's a flat lander or a dropoff to a flat lander, getting on the gas and forward and landing rear wheel first on the gas really smooths out the landing. If it's a double or downslope landing, then landing even or front first seems the smoothest.

Flat to slightly downsloped landings.

Well if it is flat than there is not to much to do than to just land on the rear wheel. Because there isn't too much you can do after that.

yeah, for flat landings just land with the gas on hard, that will really smooth out the front wheel slap.

Flat to slightly downsloped landings.

Land with the gas on! :thumbsup:

For once over half the people in a post are right. Land on the gas.

Wont adjusting the forks a bit help reduce the shock when the front end hits as well?

Get better suspension......

Learn to control thew bike while in the air. if you are landing flat, it's going to be rough, but like everyone said, get on the gas before landing. That will take some of the hit away.

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