Battery Trouble

On saturday I was lined up to start my first desert race. When the banner dropped and I hit the electric start button I got nothing but a bunch of roost in my face. So after 12 kicks or so the bike started and took off. I was lucky to pass enough people to finish 2nd in class, even though i stalled a few more times on some of the obsacles. The electric start seamed to work fine during the race. Just not at the start. Any one else have problems like this, or have suggestions. Talk about bad timing though sheesh.

did you check to see if it worked before the race? Sometimes if the compression is just right the starter wont have the power to crank it over. it needs the momentum of the valves being open to start

Dead/low battery and it charged during the race? Did you have the clutch pulled in? If not Shady's idea might be right-I always trickle charge mine for a day between rides but never had it not crank. Next race use the kick starter to get the engine spun over in the right place just in case.

I watched the start of the Desert MC national Hare & Hound and one of the Honda factory boys was riding a 450X (can't remember which one) he used the button and kicked, got off the line great, give that a try next time, of course in second with the clutch in.


It looks like my battery needs replacement. But I'm practicing dead starts with the kick and electric from now on.

If your bike sits for more then 2 weeks without statring and it's cold, battery usually needs alittle trickle charge.

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