How do you haul Bikes & Quads?

Seems like I've seen the quads standing on the back wheels in the back of trucks, how do you go about doing that and how do you tie them down? Also how many bikes can you haul with one quad in a full size long-bad?

Got any pictures?


Well I see people that put their quads on the back wheels, but I don't think that I would even consider doing that. I would think that it would be really easy to f**k up your truck or your quad. And I don't think you would be able to carry a quad and dirtbike in a longbed, because the width of the quad should be to wide to fit anything on the side of it.

quads are made to stand on end. i have hauled 4 quads standing up in my long bed. my cousin hauls 2 quads and a 250 dirtbike in his short bed. just tie them down good. and use 2 people, it makes it alot easier and safer.

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