i want to go street legal

Sorry don87.....I want one too !! Got my years confused.

Wickedsprint......custom refers to the fact that you have taken a bike that was manufactured with certain features and added or modified that bike for the purpose of making it street legal. Because you have plated 3 bikes in the last 9 months means nothing, certainly does not mean your wducated on the law....... Maybe we should all move to Wyoming where anything goes.........

If you bothered to read ALL my post you would have read that Stste munincipalities and federal agencies are not on the same page yet......someday they will be......so my suggestion to you is forget that you read any of this.....live in LA la land and all will be good.

Me on the other hand and hopefully others will get fired up about the new BULLSHIT epa ruling and try to stay informed and educated ......write our congressmen and legislatures to try and change or modify the present ruling. Im all for saving the environment but when Im riding my bike and I see a bigass truck go by spewing diesel into the air it hardly makes me think the EPA law is a good one.

I posted in this thread to make people aware of the law....simple, not to be called a liar or to be told I was wrong. You interpret the law however you want.

"chopper" builders are most affected by this ....yes, they build custom bikes......the problem lies in ones definition of custom.....not mine or yours but the governments.

Your title doesnt need to say custom, or special construction etc......... I have a title for all my dirtbikes, they need to be registered to ride trail in NY........again, the problem is when I try to legalize the bikes for the road, I need to add the necessary equipment, get an inspection in ALbany, get the bike inspected including emissions yearly etc......get the picture....it aint gonna happen, at least in this state.

Speaking of getting educated, Diesel's emit far less emissions than gas engines...by a large margin (ie., 70% less Nox for one). Furthermore you can write your congressman and legislature until your hands fall off, they have no affect or influence on the EPA.

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