Leg spasms?

I have 4 months of healing on the ACL repaired leg. It was the same side patella tendon used to repair the ACL and a damaged Mencius trim. I have been walking at work and going to the gym, range of motion is good but feels some times like the rusty hinge. The problem I have is muscle spasms in the repaired leg in the mornings that wake me up. I can stretch out and get them to quit but they some times come back. If I get up and walk around or do leg lifts on the side of the bed the leg feels better. Before the wife kills me for ruining her sleep what can I do for this? Am I doing to much or not enough, or do I need to add a new exercise into the mix? I still have a puffy knee but it stays the same size after workouts and feels normal for a while after.

i was getting the same thing but mine was only done 4 weeks ago ,i think you will find if you take some zinc magnesium and calicum it will stop it there are a few sups out there like zincabol with are all 3 mixed together ,they will help stop the muscle from twiching there for allow it to repair itself after excerise

make sure that you are getting enough to drink. Better yet, before bedtime try some Tonic Water. Like for a gin and tonic.

I will admit that I have used the Seven and Seven cocktail to relax and it works. Tonic with no gin will be new! This knee has been an adventure of new learning. Thanks for the advice!

I'd recommend you try the gin without the tonic. If you get the dosing just right, (1) you won't care about that rusty hinge of a knee, (2) wretching and forehead spasms will replace your knee spasms in the morning, (3) your wife might start to look good again. :thumbsup:

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