Grand Junction/Fruita/Moab altitudes and temps

What temps/weather should I expect in Grand Junction Colorado and Moab Utah in about a week (next 3/5/06-3/11/06)... both night and daytime temps (we will be camping and riding)

Also, does anyone know the altitudes I should be prepared for (jetting wise) for riding the good spots in these areas?

Thanks for your help

This shows the forecast for Mar 1 - Mar 9, and gives averages, hi's, and lo's for the rest of March.

According to, for Moab, expect lows between 30-35 and highs between 60-70. Lows could be as low as 18-20, highs as high as 80. Grand Junction and Fruita are a little cooler.

Grand Junction:



Could be anything from snow to 70 (I've seen both) but likely in the 50's during the day and around freezing at night.

Altitude for Moab is around 5k, bring a drink system, even at 50 degrees it's a dry heat.

Thanks for the input... how about altitude at the other locations?

Should I jet for 5k and wing it from there, or are they drasitcally different?

Sounds like a blast, unfortunately we are coming out the week before that :thumbsup:

Maybe next year I'll bring my son.... hope the weather is good..

The city of Moab is just over 4000 feet and almost all the trails go up from there. I rode the stock jetting on my DRZ and had 0 problems started and ran like a charm even when I left the key on all afternoon and had to bumpstart it.

Anybody going to Rabbit Valley? That place is pretty fun. If you have enough fuel you can ride to moab on the Kokapelli trail.

I think we will be hitting Rabbit Valley.... how much is "enough fuel" to get to Moab?

We have a KDX 200, 250 EXC, XR 250R, and a 450 EXC along for the ride..... do they have big enough tanks?

We started that trip two weeks ago with a xr250r and wr450f. We didnt even make it to Dewey bridge. It was too cold! I think I would need gas at dewey bridge, looking at the map. The problem is if you cant make it there is no gas stops. :thumbsup: BTW Grand Junction is about 4500'.

Great, thanks, I'll jet for 5K then... and dress for down to freezing...

We leave tommorow morning, so I hope it all goes well for us... some great input here... thanks a lot...

Any last minute input is welcome...

The best trails at Rabbit Valley are tricky to find.

If you head south west from the parking lot and can find your way onto

the top of the white rock canyon, you may be able to find the single track.

Your best bet is to find a local to ride with. Even good directions leave you looking around for help. :thumbsup:

I think we will be hitting Rabbit Valley.... how much is "enough fuel" to get to Moab?

We have a KDX 200, 250 EXC, XR 250R, and a 450 EXC along for the ride..... do they have big enough tanks?

The whole ride from Rabbit Valley to Moab is about 117 miles (assuming you don't get lost and have to double back). A stock tank won't make it. I have a drz400e with a 3.2 gal. tank an I made it on reserve (sputtering in). 3.5 gallons should make it depending on the bike. My buddies WR250 with a stock tank did surprisingly well. He made in on a stock tank plus 2 extra liters. The XR400 with stock tank ate gas and needed 4 extra liters to make it (again, just barely). I use those MRS camping bottles, but 1 liter water bottles work fine too. Just pour in the gas as soon as there's room.

Also, carry tons of water too. 3 liters worked for me, but it was a cool day.

Also, watch out for those flash floods. Some of those washes become ragging rivers after a rain, or quick snow melt and become uncrossable. The currents are deceptable fast, and the wash may look wide and shallow, but they're deep! Be prepared to either wait it out (2-3 hours), or turn around. Thus, start the day early so you don't get caught out at dark. The ride took me about 7 hours the first time and about 6 the next (both without incident). I was turned back once by a flash flood 10 miles into ride.

That said, the ride is marked well by brown signs with Kokopeli stickers on them, and it's a blast. Nothing real technical (except for a rocky decent which is harder on the way back), but it's fast riding and scenic. Great desert ride! There are places along the route that can be supported or to bail out. Get a map and plan accordingly. Have fun!

last minute checks... MSR bottles... check...

we won't likely be making that long of a trip (not everyone is a die hard as I am)... but I'll have the extra fuel with anyways... never know what might happen...

Thanks again guys... great input...

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