SoCal.... track off of the 76?

A while back when i was headed to Ocotillo Wells my buddy said there was a track out on the 76... I didnt see it on the way but he was saying its after the Pala Casino.

Anyone know the name of the track? From what I understand its not as well maintained as the big places like elsinore... So its not as crowded and lacks the big jumps and stuff.

seeing as I have never been on a MX track.. I was thinkin this might be a good place to start out.

Anyone have any info on this place????

It's called Amago.The dirt is waaaaaaaaay better than Elsinore.I live 5 min. from the Elsinore track but prefer Amago because the dirt is better.They have started to maintain the tracks pretty well out there.They made there main track really tough by putting hits on top of the table tops,for me that is kinda psychotic but I do have a really great time on their vet track which they have done some work too.I used to ride only the main track but since they made the changes,I am comfortable on the vet.$20 to get in and you dont need a card or any other fee.I will be there this sunday.

I used to ride there too. It's a fun track with some cool jumps and elevation changes. I think the name has changed to 'Planet Xtreme' .

Cool! I think ill try it out in the next not this weekend but the next. Once I get my back from PC this week im headin to Ocotillo Wells to try out the new suspension setup! I cant freakin wait!

Definatley a cool low key track that is perfect for a first timer. Do a search in the CA forum and you will find a couple of informative hits. Fair warning here: this track has the most rocks of any SoCal track bar none.

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