pressure washer + chain = ????

i have a gold chain with no orings and was wondering if i hold the nossle next to the chain to get all that crud out will it damage it?

I use standard heavy-duty and blow all the mud and shit off it with the preassure washer, i think it might push some of the dirt under the rollers but i water disperse it straight after the wash and pushes most of the water off it along with fine dirt.

i dont really see my options, leave it filthy dirty and have the dirt grind into my rollers and sprocket or wash it and get a little bit under the roller? i know what i would choose.

I use a pressure washer on mine all the time and then clean it with kerosene with a tooth brush and have never had a problem.

I put mine on the stand start it and put it in first gear and throughly spray the top and bottom and sides. Then take some W-D 40 and throughly spray the chain, or spray it on a rag and turn the bike off and put it in neutral and rotate the wheel by hand and hold the rag around the chain. If that doesn't clean it, take it off and get a bucket and fill it about two inches deep of kerosene and soak it for 2 or 3 hours, maybe longer if need be. Then stretch it out on some newspaper and use an old toothbrush to get the rest of it off. I only use this method if I'm using the wax chain lube. I use Bell-Ray non wax it cleans off real easy, no fling off or mess. :thumbsup:


:thumbsup: i use a pressure washer on mine. no orings either...just after your done spray some chain lube on it.(a good way to keep your gold chain looking nice is to take standard motor oil and put it on the chain lightly with a smalll paintbrush)

Just keep the pressure away from you're master clip so you don't accidently spray it off.

I start off by using a wire brush on my chain before I begin washing my bike. Then after I start washing, I spray degreaser on the chain and scrub it with a nylon brush, then blast it with the pressure washer. After I am finished washing the bike I spray WD40 on the chain to keep it from rusting until I am ready to ride next, then I spray on Silkolene synthetic chain lube.

I pressure wash mine, it really helps get all the crap off, no problems yet

i use one on mine x ring chain works great, should have no problem using it

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