sore hands

Ok i had a break from riding cause i didn't have enough money to pay for my coin slot crf250.

Bit of background information:

Just before i had that break, i was getting arm pump in between the palm of my hand and a few inches up my forearm, when i would get that, my arms would turn to jelly an i could barely hold on to the bars.

Before i had the break i was getting really good, but then i hurt my leg, so i slowed right down.

Inbetween then and now, i have been doing lots of cardio which has helped me greatly.

Now im back on the bike, it almost feels like there's nothing even wrong with my arms just that my riding position a long with the position of my bars, is causing pain in the middle of my hands. Like the position of the bars makes me put a lot of pressure on the middle of my hands causing them to get extremely sore after a couple of laps.

So now im thinking to just get a high bend bar or risers for my stock renthals to change where im putting the pressure on my hands.

Do the majority think that would be a good fix. Or is it another problem.

Higher bars could negatively affect your cornering by a)raising your CG and :thumbsup: keeping you from transferring as much weight forward as you should. It might be better to learn to grip more with your legs, taking the weight off of your arms.

Grip with your legs.

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