How Do You Protect Your ICO Sensor Wire?

I have not had a problem with my sensor wire in years, but for some reason, I now have a mid line break, so I ask, what do you wrap around your wire to protect it and where do you get it? I once saw a flexible plastic wrap that looked a lot like a curly telephone cord, I wonder if that would be good.

Whats an ICO?


yes you could use some wire wrap.

time to make a trip back to HD or Lowes. you will want a wrap that is as small as possible. slick on the outside too as to not grab/hold muck.

The Watchdogs come with a PVC tubing about 3.5 ft long. The wires are inside the tubing, which is then connected to the front brake line. I tape these two together for the whole length with wide electrical tape. Eventually, the tape does wear out and needs to be replaced.

Also, something I've noticed, is that the magnetic pickup sensors seem to only last so long before they get tired and don't work unless they are really close to the magnet. I bought some from DigiKey so I have replacements in stock. I can get get the part number if you need it.

Hope this helps.

Whats an ICO?

the computer speedo thingy

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