SA-muffler sound test results on '04 YZ250F?

I need to know what type and brand of approved spark arrested muffler is the quietest replacement for stock exhaust on an '04 YZ250F. I see FMF advertises under 94 dB "on some bikes" and that thing is $350.00+! Miichigan is a 94 dB state, and the quieter the better. If we lose a HP or 2, I don't care. For trail riding, silence rules in my book and I am willing to sacrifice some performance for silence. I am not interested in Ti or headers either, just something simple to bolt on when we trail ride, and my son can moto with the stock exhaust.

I don't want a stock WR exhaust with an after market end cap--I run that on mine with a Vortip and it's fine for me--but I think the YZ deserves a bit better and lighter.

So, those of you who have actually be sound checked in MI--what do you all suggest?

If the packing is in good shape, the original FMF Q will test at 95db on a 250F.

Thanks--thats good to know--but 95 is still not quiet enough for Michigan--we are a 94 dB state--only one in the country I guess. There has to be a better way to quiet these loud bikes down.

A friend has had an awesome track at his house for close to 20 years and never a complaint until everyone got on 4 strokes. He was able to defeat a move to close him down last year, but unless these things get quieter, the clocks are ticking. Houses are really close to me and I don't want complaints from my neighbors when we ride our 2 mile single track or small MX track.

I will check with FMF and see what the new one will do on a YZ. Thanks.

Why not get one of the newer '05 - '06 version wr silencers? They are aluminum and under 90 db's. And I understand as you say you think the yz deserves lighter and better....but what good is lighter and better if it doesn't pass your sound requirements so you can't ride?

What you have to do is get a Q silencer and a megabomb header. The Q only tests at ~96 and they say the mega bomb is good for a few more.

I don't know what else they would expect you to run cuz that is as quiet as they come. As long as you are close do you really think they will stop you?

My WR with the powerbomb header and original FMF Q pipe tests at 94-95db.

The FMF Q2 is supposed to be slightly (~1 db) quieter.

At least in Oregon, law enforcement gives a +-2db leeway on enforcing the sound limit.

The big gun evo is supposed to be good for 94db. I like it because of the price (like 280 or so for the slip on on the tt store) when u want to go to the track, just take the silent insert out, and you have power back on....I have one in the mail :thumbsup:, ill let you know what its like...

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