Cleaning methods..??

hey all

has any got a good way of cleaning spoked wheels there is alot of dirt and salt from the winter on mine and it is basically encased on and pretty tuff to get off anyone got a good method?


Demise :thumbsup:


cummon someone must have a few tricks! :thumbsup:

Some hard core pressure washing might be a good place to start. My wheels usually get mud and all kinds of crap caked on them and while the pressure washer takes most of the heavy stuff off, I normally get a big brush and spray 409 all over the wheels and then go over them with the brush. They shine like new after that.

Nev-r-dull. Makes 'em look brand new. Takes a little work though.

hmm.. well i took a while to catch on but i just did the simple greenthing over the weekend. i have some specific dirtbike wash that i put on a big rag/glove and wipe off the plastics. then i spray the whole bike with simple green. wait 5-10 mins, and spray it off. if its really nasty or i just want the bike looking really good.. ill spray it twice. simple green cleaned everything from dirt on engine, to tires, wheels, spokes, and hubs. if you can get it on the dirt, the dirt will come off

I wash the wheels with soap and water. Then I take paper towels and spray Windex on the rims and spokes, and wipe them down.

This is a super-secret method, so please don't share this widely!

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