Take a look at this please

What are we looking at?

Always on the lookout for a new piece. :thumbsup::bonk:

uhh.... which one are you referring to? :thumbsup:

the triples

OEM XRL forks are junk no matter which triples you have. They flex all over the place on the road, even with a fork brace.

You are better off retrofitting larger diameter forks from another bike. CRF forks are very stiff for example, much better feel in supermoto trim.

Don't listen to anyone who says USD forks put too much stress on the headtube. Unless you are trying to jump a house, it will be fine, especially for road or supermoto.


I would receommend an Applied Racing upper triple clamp.

Wheels up,

I love the way the Billet stuff looks too, but it isn't stronger than forged aluminum. You'd be better off spending your money on a fork brace.

If you want to make your triple clamps look really good, have them powder coated red or black.

A also agree with the USD forks not adding too much stress to the steering tube. The 650L has massive gussets in that area. If you can manage to break that part of your frame on your 650L, it'll be because of a crash into an automobile.

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