2005 RMZ-450 - value question?

Hey guys,

I currently ride a 2005 YZ250 and love it. However, a friend of mine just picked up a "new" RMZ450 from a friend who won it at an auction. This bike supposedly has never hit the dirt and I'm going to check it out to see what kind of condition it is in. Anyway, how much do you think a "new" 2005 RMZ-450 would be worth in this kind of deal? Considering picking it up to get a four stroke but want to make sure the price is right. Also, how is the reliability of that year thumper? Thoughts?

Reliability has been awesome! ZERO issues. For me, the only "issues" were the learning curves associated with 4-strokes.

I went from placing 19th in the over 30 junior class at the first of the year (on my modded '04 250) to placing 1st just a few months later. I love this bike! It corners unbelievably well, has just as much (if not a little bit more) power than other brands.

Price would be hard to say....$4800-5000 out the door? I paid $6500 out the door last August.

Good luck!

yes top bike really good i reccomend the rmz450 05 model mines got 20 hrs on it not a problem in the world handles like a dream and more than enough power from stock standard get one now brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats pretty much a used bike, even if the tires arnt dirty. Im thinking $4500 or so. Just a guess...

My 05 has been beat to death for over a year now, regularly maintained and has been great.

I just got off of an 05 YZ250 ( also had an 04 Yz 250 ) and got a 06 RMZ450. I really like the bike. It is a killer bike. I really liked it the first time I went out on it. The only thing that I'm worried about is reliability. But then again. The 04 YZ had transmission problems and the 05 Yz I had to replace the bottom end along w/ the top end and cylinder. It you ride hard you will have problems. Life is hard sometimes.


I bought 2 '05s new in November so I could have a practice and race bike for Loretta's. I just came off CRF's and I love the bike. Well things have changed for me (I'm moving to Florida this summer) and I can't go to Loretta's so I'm selling one bike. Full Yoshi exhaust, Steve Litz revalved suspension, Oring chain, relocated hot start, completely taken apart, greased, loctighted and hour meter installed with only 35hrs. Bike is very clean and I'll take 5,000. I'm in Woodstock and will be at Hillbilly Hills this weekend if your interested.


I to had a YZ250 two smoke. A friend of mine got the 05 RMZ 450 last year and I got a couple of chances to ride it. Before I rode the RMZ I rode the CRf450 and YZF450. I did not like the feel of the Honda and the Yamaha. The RMZ felt the same as my YZ, through the seat cornering jumping and so on. I felt at home on the RMZ. Just got my 06 RMZ last week.

dont go back to a two smoke,,,, rmz enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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