4-strokes / 250 or 450

As I am waiting for my tax return to get here, I was pretty much set on getting a 450(CRF450X, WR450 or KTM, not sure yet).

After checking around for pricing, I ended up to a shop where the salesman was an die hard enduro guy and he actually advised me to look into the newer 250(he was suggesting the CRF250X or WR250, he sells yami and Honda). Less torque but plenty of power, less tiring ans easier to ride he mentionned, easier for single track(where I will be).

My concern is I weight 255lbs + gears, is a 250 really enough to haul my ass around or I better look at the 450 series? I will be doing mainly single track with the odd enduro and some trail riding. I expect to redo the suspension on whatever I will buy.

Anyone had the same issue and went for the 250 or 450?


I would say you are better off with a 450.

Me too... 450....

At that weight, a 400-450 will prob. be a better choice. Also, the bigger engine will likely be more durable. For off-road, it's hard to beat an EXC or XC!

I too was thinking of going the 250f route (i weigh 230), mostly for MX though. If you are doing enduro its less tiering regardless. I would go with a 450 for sure.

255=450. It's simple math.


Don't let people make you think that the 450X is a beast and tiring to ride in singletrack. I am 6' 145 pounds and throw my 450X around just fine, when I ride my friends 250X I think it's so underpowered. You weigh 100 pounds more than me, the 450 is a no brainer. It will suit you much better, you will be happy with your decision.

Good, pretty easy to figure out that this guy probably had an overstock of 250 to sell then LOL.

Thanks, now if thedamn government would hurry up and send me back my check :thumbsup:

I am 250lbs myself, and I prefer the 250. Alot easier to muscle around, and enough power to do what has to be done.

If your riding areas are flat as a pancake and full of trees to dodge, go with the 250.

Otherwise, the 450 will be better for pulling you up hills.

450 no question :thumbsup:

i am guessing here this guy had a load of 250's stuck sidewards up his backside and tried to steer you:excuseme: in that case i would take my business to someone who will give me honest advice on what i need and not sell me their over stock :thumbsup:

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