This is the only place i knew where i could get some answers and i am 17 and arleady moved out and found out that my mother is in a coma because of her blood sugar going too high and i live three hundred miles away. The family and i have been through this before but when i called one of my friends who is a nurse at the hospital where she is at she said that she is surpriesed that my mother actually mad it to the hospital does anybody know what i should do or what i can do?


Josh Cashman

Well, I'm assuming that the fact you're already "out the door" is in lieu of a prior family altercation(s). Either way, I would go visit. You don't want to regret not going.

True but the fact is that it is the 3 rd time this shit has happened in one year and on top of that my grandmother had breast cancer and is not paralyized in her left side because of a stroke although she has been that way for a few years and i also found out that my dads mom, my other grandmother has stage three colon cancer and stage 4 is ternminal. Thanks for the adivce i will probably leave soon.



I am sorry you are going through this and I hope you Mom will be OK. IMO the best thing you can do is to go and see you Mom. I realize that you are tired of this, but some day you will be glad that you supported your Mom. Sometimes adults do dumb things - intentionally or otherwise and as kids we see this. I know it causes frustration and pain, but some day you will be glad that you did your best to support your Mom. Let me know if I can do something to help. Hang in there Josh and no doubt many folks are praying for you and your Mom.


Mike Berg


I am sure it is tough but let the past be the past. Be there for your MOM, you both will be glad you did.

I'm a Insulin dependent Diabetic, and i know what high blood sugar is all about. Its nothing to fool around with. I hope your mother gets better.

Another vote for going.'ll do her some good. If not, you will always have the piece of mind of knowing that you've done the right thing. Just focus on the good stuff that's passed between you and let the bad stuff go.

You only have one Mother. I have never got along with mine. Raised by my Dad since I was 6 months. I hold alot of anger towards her but she did give me birth. Without her I wouldn't be able to enjoy my kids...

sorry man i feel for ya. I hope some of that stuff is not hereditary.

:thumbsup: its said tha people in comas can hear you but cant respond. so talk to her

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