SM Fork Cap size?

I'm ready to install my new custom Cannon fork springs. I need to remove the fork caps at the top of the forks. I'm going to order either a Motion Pro wrench or a Race Tech wrench. (the one fron suzuki requires removal of the handlebars) Can anyone tell me the size of the fork caps, either 46, 47, 48, 49, 0r 50 mm. Thanks!!

Not sure on the exact size, but when I installed my new springs, I just very carefully used a pair of channel locks to remove and install the fork caps - worked fine with no damage at all. I just losened the top triple clamp bolts with the forks in place, using the bottom triple clamps as a vise. The cap is not on real tight. For removing the compression damper assembly, a medium size crescent wrench works just fine.

That being said, I agree it would be nice to have the correct tool, as long as it's not too pricey - let me know if you find out the correct size and how much those wrenches are.


Thanks, I called suzuki, it was a pain to get the info, but they are 50mm. The wrenches are about $20.00.

I was just reading a new thread about Fork Oil Change. They are talking about adjusting the pressure and bleading the forks. Is that for the SM forks or different ones. I didn't read anything about this in the service manual for the SM?? I was just about to start changing the springs till I read that. Is there more to it than the manual shows??

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