2000 RM250...common problems, etc?

Just picked up an '00 RM250 for a way low price. Needed the usual cosmetics which I already have (plastic, seat cover). Haven't had a dirt bike for a while (had street bikes all along though) so I have no experience with this model. I read about the grabby clutch which I am sure mine has. Trip from the truck to the garage was a little hairy in the snow! :thumbsup: Any quirks I should know about?

Can't wait for summer!

I guess no responses is a good sign... I actually bought 2 bikes at the same time - the RM and an '01 KX125 - one to keep and one to sell. The RM is apart and I haven't had a chance to ride it yet. But I did take the KX out for a spin today. HOLY SHNIKES!!! I was not expecting a 125 to have the berries that thing has! Is the RM going to have significantly more power? The KX is piped and jetted...but then so is the 'Zook.

ya, the 250 will have twice as big "berries" :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Hmmm...maybe I should stick with the KX? Seriously, I never expected a 125 to pull effortless 3rd gear wheelies. Now I'm a little worried the RM may be too much for me...

Well you have to try the RM, but don't go on it worrying about how much power it has. I mean you have to give the RM a chance.

The Rm will hit smoother. More torque down low and more top end but less of a "HIT" Dont worry there is still plenty of hit just not the 125 nothing....nothing...Right Now crap I have to shift hit! The 250 will have a broader power band.

I recently spoke to a local racer and he said basically the same thing. The 250 is better for what I will be doing (pit riding, some trails). He said it has more of a 4 stroke low-end and is easier to lug around as opposed to having to constantly clutch the 125. Can't wait to finish the mini-makeover I'm doing on it and go try it out!

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