HELP needed!! Searching for VOR pilot jet - Dellorto VHSB38

Help me!!!

I have a VOR 530 2002 with the Dellorto carb and I need some new pilot jets and they are IMPOSSIBLE to get hold of here in Sweden.

There are two types of pilot jets for the VHSB carb and VOR uses the longer type (Dellorto number 12995 x 02).

I can only get hold of the short type (used on KTM, Dellorto number 1486 x 02).

Dellorto VHSB parts

My dealer can't help me.

So is there anyone who can help me find these jets?

I want sizes 33,35,38 and 40

Here is a picture that shows the VOR pilot jet (to the left) and the KTM pilot jet (to the right)

Pilot jets

Andreas Tomasson


Try a Guzzi shop!, vintage Ducati specailist, KTM used to use these carbs as well.

Try calling Knåda Sport, VHSB also std on Husqvarna


They are in the Us, but

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