Radiator Service + guards...........thanks

Back 2 months ago I crashed hard enough on the left side to twist and tear my radiator on a 2003 wr 250. I KNEW I would have to spend $300.00 on a new radiator...............so I kept putting the repair off.

I seen on Thumper talk that "Mylers" down in Utah...1-800--367-7699

worked on radiators and quaranted his work............I have a bike again. YIPPEE

I ordered some Flatland guards too.

This forum is so neat.......It gives us the confidence to spend our money on products because they have been tested by our peers here.

THANK YOU.......

This week I will be putting things back together and "filling" the radiators. Is there any "trick" to insure you have filled the system and avoided any air locks.


I use the old fill it, start it up, let it run for a while to berp and keep adding fluid until I feel pretty sure the air is out. You can also watch for small bubbles.

If there is a better method someone will post it.

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