Fuel Screw 0-ring, help please

Last evening I put in an extended fuel screw. I didn't see the o-ring come out but couldn't see it in the hole. The washer came out with the old fuel screw but no 0-ring. If it did come out and I didn't see it, how would I know that it's gone?? I thought I was being real carefull and put some white paper directly under the carb. If it's gone, can I get one from the hardware store or does it have to be OEM?

I have the tank off for other modifications and will put it all together tonight and start it.


'05 crf450x

front range


Usually the O-ring and the spring stay in place. You can make a small hook like end of wire and pull the O-ring out. Be sure to have something under the carb to catch it. Good luck

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