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Utah Action Alert!

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Dear Friends,

To all of you who have helped us during this legislative session THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You have all truly made a huge difference. We have never had the success on Capitol Hill as we have had this year! And we owe it all to all of you. Thanks for letting us represent the motorized community.

*********************** PLEASE READ AND ACT ***** TIME IS SHORT ************************************************

We will continue to watch our bills of concern and those we love until the last seconds of this session. Right now we need your help on one more bill. We are writing to ask you to support HB 141. You may have contacted your House Representative about it already but now we need you to contact your Senator. The legislative session is a few days from being finished and we would really like to see this bill pass on the senate floor and be put to good use. HB 141 passed the House a week ago (vote: 66 for, 7 against) and it is now in the senate rules committee. Our senate sponsor is Tom Hatch. Tom is another champion of responsible motorized use; let’s support him as we did Representative Mike Noel. (Link to the bill http://www.le.state.ut.us/~2006/htmdoc/hbillhtm/HB0141.htm )

HB 141 is the bill that will place a voluntary check off box on vehicle registrations. When you register a new vehicle or renew your existing vehicles there will be a place on the registration form for a $2 check off box that you may select if you want to donate to help keep responsible motorized access to public lands. This money would go to groups (non-profit) like USA-ALL that are actively defending your access to public land. This money can be used for education, projects to promote access, and if needed to help offset legal costs to keep public land open. REMEMBER THIS IS A VOLUNTARY CHECK OFF BOX it is not funded by tax dollars or registration fees. Neither Governor Huntsman nor the State is funding anti-wilderness campaigns as SUWA suggests. It is funded by you the users if you choose.

Radical Environmentalists have urged their supporters to contact their senators and trash this bill, no doubt hundreds maybe thousands of them have encouraged their senators to vote “NO” on this bill. We need to answer back and let our senators know that this is a good bill and you support it. If groups like SUWA are against this bill you know it is a good thing! They recognize that it will help USA-ALL stop them from turning millions of acres in Utah into inaccessible Wilderness. They know that this bill means less “ROAD CLOSED TO MOTORIZED TRAVEL” signs. Below we have attached SUWA’s latest alert on this bill. As you can see they put an inaccurate spin on it. Why would they start telling the complete truth now?

Let’s show our senators that the motorized community has an informed and powerful voice. Let’s show them that the motorized community sticks together! Tell them you support this bill and the groups that would benefit from it. Tell them this bill would help you donate to a group that educates the public on responsible use and that defends your interests. Contact them and let them know how you feel! Tell them about your family experiences using motorized vehicles on public land. Discuss how important it is to keep special places open for you, your family, and friends. Let them know how important groups like USA-ALL are to you, and that they help balance the misleading environmentalist movement. Tell them this will allow you to contribute to groups that promote responsible motorized recreation and these groups represent your values and interests.

USA-ALL also helps local counties promote and protect access. We are a valuable resource and tool for the counties, as our funding goes up so does our effectiveness in being able to help local governments. We have recently partnered with 5 southern Utah Counties, State legislators, and others to keep a premier riding area around Factory Butte open for your use and enjoyment. This fund will help take a small portion of the burden off of local governments and help keep great places open to motorized travel. Many out of state groups want to close your land, and this money will help protect its responsible use. Will you let SUWA and other Eastern influences control what happens to public land in Utah? Help us by contacting your senator today*! (*ESPEACIALLY THOSE OF YOU WHO LIVE IN SALT LAKE AND DAVIS COUNTIES)

Unsure of how to contact your senator? Go to this link and find them on the map http://se15.utahsenate.org/perl/spage/distmapal.pl

Or follow the instructions below in SUWA’s alert, it will work as well J

PLEASE CONTACT YOUR SENATOR, send them an email and a phone call, they and their interns check messages on the hour every hour of the day. Your efforts WILL MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE! This bill will benefit you and your kids for generations to come! Forward this to everyone you know and contact your senator right now.

Thank You!


Utah Shared Access Alliance (USA-ALL)

PO BOX 131 PAYSON, UT. 84651

Main: 801.465.1145

Fax: 801.465.6972

Toll Free: 800.944.UTAH (8824)

Email: info@usaall.org


Visit our website or call and JOIN TODAY!

To subscribe to our action alerts send an email to subscribe@usaall.org to unsubscribe send one to unsubscribe@usaall.org



This alert is brought to you by the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

425 E. 100 S., Salt Lake City, UT 84111, 801-486-3161, www.suwa.org



Please call your State Senators Today and urge them to vote NO on HB 141 (see contact information below) House Bill 141 would create a brand new state funding stream that would subsidize litigation and other efforts by off-road vehicle groups to maximize trails and motorized vehicle use on public lands. Other types of uses and organizations would be left out in the cold. The source of the funding would be a new check-off box on the Department of Motor Vehicle forms which the public use to register their cars and other vehicles.


Please call your State Senators and urge them to vote NO on House Bill 141. Your call could make the difference. As an alternative, ask that they at least support an ammendment that would limit use of the funds to existing ORV education programs run by the State Parks and Recreation, which teaches responsible and respectful ORV use.

Here is what you can do: If you know who your State Senator or Senators are, please call them TODAY and urge them to oppose HB 141 unless necessary amendments are made to make the bill consistent with existing regulations on Off-Highway vehicles (OHV) and other uses of the public lands. The phone number for the Utah Senate switchboard is (801) 538-1035, and ask to be connected to your representative. If you don't know who your State Senator or Senators are, you can enter your 9-digit zip code here: http://www.vote-smart.org/index.htm and it will provide the contact information for all of your elected officials! Just look for the "Find your Representative" in the upper left-hand corner. Don't know your 9 digit zip code? You can find it here too!

Please consider ALSO contacting these key representatives whose votes could swing the outcome in our favor.

John L Valentine ® - President of the Senate

Mike Waddoups ® Dist 6

Greg Bell ® Dist 22

Sheldon Killpack ® Dist 21

Simply call the Senate Switchboard and ask to be connected: (801) 538-1035

Consider making the following points:

1) HB 141 gives special treatment to one type of public lands use -- ORVs -- at the expense of hiker, horsemen, hunter and angler groups;

2) HB 141 would wrongly promote litigation which attacks decisions by public land managers instead of educating ORV riders about safety and appropriate places to ride;

3) Recent polls show near-universal support for better management of ORV use (Dan Jones, May 2005 : "78% of Utahns polled believe that ORV use should be more closely managed on public lands.") Access is not unfairly limited, but management is lacking.

If you can't reach your representative directly, please leave them a message.

If you have any further questions about HB141, or to find out more about what you can do to protect America's Redrock Wilderness, please call or email SUWA's Northern Utah Organizer, Jeremy Christensen (801.486.3161, jeremy@suwa.org)

Thank You!

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