Shock oil change

Just got done changing oil in shock, now I called the dealer to get it recharged and they asked if I'm shore it is bleed out, is there way to confirm it is bleed out. I followed the manuals procedure to stroke the shaft but that didn't do sh1t. So I pured it in as I stroked shaft and keeped fillin it and then turned and filled bladder area. Put cap back on had oil push out as I did. Stroked shaft fully ass. and it feels good.

How much pressure?

(stock spring 195lbs trail rider)

You can never be sure. Takes time and experience. Your procedure sounds right assuming the blatter area is not overfilled. My suspension guy says let it sit 12 hr in the upright position, tap the body with a plastic hammer. If not more bubbles, good to go. Install the compression vavles and re-charge. Charge to standard pressure: 128 psi.

When you leave in the upright postion is that extended or dosen't matter.

Yes, extended with valve out. You want as much oil in the shock as possible.

When you pressurize, that holds the desolved gas in the fluid so it does not get fizzy. When the shock strokes, the volume of the piston rod is absorbed by deflection of the blatter. The blatter prevents gas/shock fluid to mix.

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