Question about 1997 Honda

Hey Guys,

(I realize this may belong in the Honda 2 stroke forum, but just wanted to get a good response, and good info.)

I have an opportunity to purchase a 97 model Honda CR 250, bike is in awesome shape. No question on the care, or of the mechanics of the bike. Looking to purchase for a nice, peepy trail riding option.

Anyhow, my question is the owner of the bike has always ran "race gas" thru it. Which last time I check is about $8 a gallon. Will this bike run ok, with no ill effects on premuim unlead from the pump.....???

I have no experience on this - please advise.

Thanks in advance.

Most 97-98 CR250s are in good shape, because they were such a rotten jackhammer of a bike that nobody could ride them for long. This is the bike that created the phrase "Honda thud". They are fast though. If the engine was stock, you can run premium pump gas no problem, but you'll have to re-jet for it.

I run pump with octane booster

Thanks for the responses guys.

I appreciate it.

If the bike was jetted for race gas it may need re-jetting for pump to run well. The only other thing I would check is if the bike had port and/or head work done. If so, race gas my be a requirement due to compression ratio and/or to allow the bike to run consistantly with the port timing it has. I ran race gas exclusively after a bad batch of pump ruined my cylinder/complete top end on my 5 ride old 1996 CR250. However, it is expensive. One other recommendation. I am not certain that the 1997 model would be the best for woods (if I understood your intended use correctly). The frame was super rigid (it was the first year for the aluminum frame and Honda was still figuring it out), and the engine had less off the bottom than prior years of that engine family. I ride exclusively mx, and I still sold mine after 5 rides and did not ride the remainder of 1997. It was by far the worst bike I had ever owned, and actually caused me, a life-long honda rider, to switch to Kawis for a few years while Honda sorted it out.

Don't mean to be so negative, I just wanted to be totally honest and possibly save someone from making a mistake with their hard-earned $$$.

I cant help you with the gas issue but I just want to add that I have a 97CR250 and I love it in the woods. Its light and has pretty smooth power delivery, lots of fun in the woods!

I had a '98. It was horrible on a mx track. It was actually a pretty good trail bike. By the time I discovered it was good off-road, I hated it so much, it didn't matter. I feel pain just thinking about that thing. :thumbsup:

am i the only guy that loved the 97 cr250,

i never rode the bike stock, pro circuit did the susp/eng and pull rods

i always got the holeshot and thought the bike was awsome in the

whoops, no headshake, jumped nice and was just faster than

every bike i was on a straightaway with, got rid of it in 99

just because it was 2 years old, had a 99yz250 enzo susp and a stock

00 yz426 and was slower on both of those bikes, i guess its an

individual preference :thumbsup:

my friend had one....good bike but too high strung

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