New kid needs shoes... advise needed

I have read all the warnings about the Deathwing tires. Since I do more than 95% of my riding on street I kept them until I got more use to the bike. Now it's time for new tires and I need help choosing. The bike is a daily driver/ commuter at college and only sees dirt every few weekends. I would like a tire that I can get alot of pavement miles on but still have some grip when I do wonder off. Should I go with a more street tread (such as Pirelli Scorpion) or an aggresive pattern (like the Dunlop 606). Since I am new, available sizes per model would also be appreciated. ~Thanks :thumbsup:

Check out Digitaldan's tires. They look to be a very nice compromise tire. He did a writeup somewhere on them, just search for it. If you need to go more aggressive, my first choice would be the DOT approved Dunlop D606. The Terraflex Type II's also seem to wear really good and it is a VERY aggressive knobby.

Get the D606s, and then if you become a little more interested in riding offroad, you're all set.

Also consider the Pirelli MT21 front with a Kenda K760 rear, if you eventually want something more agressive for offraod use, than what the D606s offer.

You could try Kenda K 270's, they look similar to Digitaldan's tyres.

Here is a link to a pic, bottom row.

Neil. :thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk:

I'm getting a set of Pirelli Scorpion for my xt 550,this week they came highly recommended and the price is good. Jack

I dunno, for 95% street I like the wings. I've had them in some sand and greasy stuff a few times and they sucked pretty bad, but I survived. They were fine for dirt roads and trails.. so maybe it really comes down to what your definition of 'off-road' really is.

Get the Kenda 270's. Cheap as can be, like $70 for a pair, and surprisingly good offroad. I actually ran a 270 front/760 rear in technical singletrack the last 6 months while i was commuting. The 270 front works really good as long as its not slippery mud, or clay. Its great on FS roads and paved roads. The 760 is good if you want streetlegal, but completely dirt oriented. Its slippery on paved roads until you get used to it.

So far I like my Kings. I do 50/50 riding and so far I'm pretty happy with them. My first choice would still be something like 606's for proper offroad riding. The only drawback of the Kings is the front tire. It does not feel stable in sand or mud at all, maybe down to my suspension setup but I doubt it. But they are relatively cheap. On the rear I would go with the 4.60 as the 5.10 has a tall sidewall which lifts the rear of the bike.

You can't go wrong with the Kenda K270's!!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

They give you really good grip off road while still being good on the street.

They also seem to wear well.

What's not to like about a good and cheap set of tires!!

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