Perfect Wheelie

What an idiot!! I bet that friggin' hurt! :thumbsup:

that dude should be eatin his food through a straw :thumbsup:

Wait a minute, where are the gear Nazi's?

He hit his head hard. Dumb ass

and the darwin award goes to.........................

A little more chlorine in the gene pool should fix that!

ouch, that had to hurt

People get what they deserve.. especially idiots like him with no safety gear on.

I wonder if he's still performing stupid stunts for the camera anymore..?


Hard surface, wheelie, fast speed, no gear....What did he expect?

I saw that awhile ago and it made me stop riding wheelies in front of my shop. I didnt want to end up like that retard. :thumbsup:

what a douchebag :thumbsup:

Thats what you get for not wearing any gear.

damn i kinda felt bad for they guy :thumbsup:

What a dumb azz! too bad he didnt thin the gene pool out by eliminating himself as a possible gene pool doner.

C'mon guys he is a fellow dirt biker, a dumbass granted but none the less a fallen commrade :thumbsup:

friggin ouch! :thumbsup: u c the cuts n blood on his back! :bonk: how stupid can u get!?!? :thumbsup:


lol imagine what he is thinking.

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