Honda Project

Hey everyone I'm doing a global consumption project for an Economic Geography class and the main purpose is to show all areas involved in the production of a products. For example I'm investigating the global involvement in a Honda CRF450R and this covers Dunlop, Nissin, NGK, Denso, Renthal, Sunstar, Excel Wheels, Showa, Keihin. I'm not just investigating the companies but where these companies produce there products in order to create a hierarchy of a Honda CRF450R. For example Renthal is an British company and there handle bars say made in England, but where did they get there metal or who makes the exhaust for a CRF450R is it honda or another outsourced company and then honda assembles. I'm searching for info. now but if anyone could help me out with good sites with indepth parts information that would be great and if you help me out I will post the final project and everyone might find it interesting.

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