Delmarva MX Series Times/Information?

What are the times for this, like sign-up,riders meeting,practice, etc.? Saturday practice, is it going to be $25 fee for any track the day before the race or just the regular track fee? Someone fill me in, thanks! :thumbsup:

i think the gates open at 6 or 7 am...but im not sure, call bluediamond and ask 834-jump, and the day of the race they will tell u when the rider meeting is and all that stuff. saturday practice costs the same as a regular fee. 25.00 if yuor a bd member and 50 if your not.

You don't have be a Blue Diamond member the day before a race if you are a Delmarva member and are going to race the next day. We will have sign up on saturday night from 5 till 8 and sunday @6 am till 9 riders meeting @ 8:15 practice to follow. Thanks

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