Bike is still using a lot of oil.

I went riding this weekend for about 2-3 hours and I actually put a little too much oil in my bike. It was a little above the sight glass on the side of the bike. Then this morning when I was loading up I had to lean the bike over to see the oil in the sight glass.

Does everybody elses 450. Use that much oil? :thumbsup:

Keep it Down

I noticed that somtimes the oil does not settle right, and if you ride it and look at it again it is right so just somthing to keep in mind!

Dont use the sight windown, just put the recommended amount in and dont worry about it unless it starts smoking. Remeber that the case has a vent so it will spew it out if there is to much.. Mine does the same thing, once you run it for a while you wont see any in the glass.

Thank God. :thumbsup: Thanks hommies... :thumbsup:

i had the same problem as you, well i dont consider it a problem. Right after i changed my oil my sight glasss was full, looked to be too full, i started my bike, took it for a short ride, came back, and the oil was right in the middle :thumbsup:

ur supposed to let the bike idle for a cuople minutes then check the oil.

it wont read right after a ride if u dont

My bike only takes 1 quart of oil, which i think is .94 liters. even with the oil filter changed it only takes .94 to fill the sight glass.

My friends said to kick the engine over a couple times to get some more old oil out...should I do this?

Checking Oil as per owners manual:

* If the oils has just been changed, let the motocycle sit a few minutes allowing the oil to settle.

* Start the Engine and run it for several minutes at idle speed. Do not run the engine at high engine speed.

* Stop the engine and wait several minutes for the oil to settle.

*Check the engine oil level with the motorcycle verticle through the oil level inspection window on the lower right side of the engine. The oil level should come up between the high and low level lines next to the window.

* If the oil level is too high, remove the excess oil using a syringe or other suitable device.

* If the oil level is too low, add the correct amount of oil through the oil filler opening. Use oil of the same type and brand as thouse of the one that is already in the engine

Hope this helps?

The reason for this is that Kawasaki did not want the crank sitting in an oil bath (performance reasons). So what they do is use an oil pump to run oil into the front compartment (crank).

When you change the oil you pull the 14 mm bolt and the 8 mm bolt up front to drain both compartments.

When you add the oil the site glass will appear over full until you run the bike and pump oil into front compartment.

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